Thor’s Hammer OTA Offseason Terrible Attempt Show!

June 21, 2017

Well we've cobbled together another show for your listening enjoyment! Geoff Nichols Joins us to break down what's been happening in Viking World since we last left you... And surprisingly there's been a lot that has transpired. From Kambuch Tea to Teddy's Knee Brace to Greenways Departure and all the discussion you could ever want regarding Trae Waynes and Sendejo....  We've got ya covered. 


The Skol Show S1 Ep 4

May 3, 2017

Steven A Turner and his brother the Ridiculous Roger Turner break down the draft and discuss the 11 new Vikings that were selected.


Geoff Nichols talks Draft with Thor’s Hammer

April 26, 2017

Geoff Nichols joins the Thor’s Hammer Crew on the even of the 2017 NFL Draft to discuss where the Vikings are sitting. It was our first attempt at a live chat and while we learned some lessons along the way it was fun to be able to broadcast Geoff’s thoughts out to the general public.


Skol Show S1 Ep 3

April 12, 2017

The Turner brothers did it again. Putting out a hilarious and informative podcast spanning subjects like the draft, Vikings needs,  John Randle and his trash talking abilities and so much more


Skol Show

April 3, 2017

Join the Displaced Diehard brothers, Stephen & Roger Turner for the ultimate Vikings fancast! It's a show for the fans, by the fans, with some great guests mixed in!


Thor’s Hammer 2017 Free Agency Preview

March 2, 2017

NFLDraftGuru Geoff Nichols is back with his thoughts on where the Vikings will go in free agency this year. And the other knuckle heads chime in too!


Thor’s Hammer S2 E17 2017 Turn Out the Lights The Party’s Over…. or is it?

January 5, 2017

It has been one heck of a season for Viking Fans and while there was disappointment, there is also lots to talk about going into next year, and what better way to end this years official season of Thor's Hammer than pontificating on that with special guest Geoff "NFL Draft Guru" Nichols.




Thor’s Hammer S2 E16 2016 After getting smacked by the pack, the crew picks up the slack!

December 29, 2016

Always tough to drop a game to the Packers, but losing the way we did added some salt in the wounds. The boys break it down and give you insights into the upcoming week!


Thor’s Hammer S2 E15 2016 Vikings failed to get out of the starting gate against the Colts

December 22, 2016

Well it was plenty ugle and we have the crew to tell you all you need to know about ugliness... Thor's hammer breaks it down for you in brutal honest fashion. 


Thor’s Hammer S2 E14 2016 After spaying the Jaguars we look forward to breaking the Colts

December 14, 2016

Georgia Vike is back from assignment covering the Jaguars game for and he tells his tales of chumming it up with the media, Mike Zimmer, Rick Spielman and More! Then we move on to discussing how we will break the Colts this week at USBank Stadium.