The Lochdown - NFL 2016 Week 14 - On Air Special!

December 14, 2016

So I pinched a radial nerve and can't type well and decided, why not? Let's do an on-air special version of The Lochdown, my weekly article at ! Listen, enjoy and please give your feedback! Should we continue with this format instead?  Rock on and cheer loud and SKOL VIKES!


Thor’s Hammer S2 E13 2016 Screw the Cowboys On to Jacksonville

December 7, 2016

Ok we are on a tough slide but it's do or die time in terms of saving the season. This week Georgia Vike is on assignment with Tom Moor covering the game with Tom Moore so in his place we welcome PapaScott to the crew to give his ever optimistic take on the team and teh upcoming game... and his confidence in the Cleveland Browns???


Thor’s Hammer S2 E12 2016 Here come the Cowboys

November 30, 2016

OK so maybe ;the thanksgiving game was about as much fun as the politics discussion at the table but now we get to play the cowboys. Here the guys break this one down for you along with special gues Guru.


Thor’s Hammer S2 E11 2016 Off The Scheid Just In Time For Turkey Day!

November 23, 2016

Hey how about that.... We told ya not to burn the bandwagon just yet and the boys in purple came through. Now this week with special guest Al "The Lochstar" Heurung, the hammer crew talks about how we will be carving Lion for Thanksgiving dinner? Well whatever is on the menu this week, I am sure it will go well when paired with a Vikings win!!!! Skol!


Thor’s Hammer S2 E10 2016 Don’t Burn The Bandwagon Just Yet!

November 17, 2016

It has been nearly a month and a half since Viking Faithful have experienced a win. And we have a tough game this week. But don't fall for drastic measures just yet.... 


Thor’s Hammer S2 E9 2016 Where Do We Go From Here?

November 10, 2016

Our team is on the skid and the gang is here to talk us through where we are headed.


Thor’s Hammer S2 E8 2016 Brutal Loss to the Bears and Norv Calls It Quits?…

November 3, 2016

Fresh off a disaster in Chicago, and with Norv Turner calling it quits what direction is the Viking ship heading in at this point in the season? Special Guest Diggz of the Viking World Order joins the crew so maybe he can make some sense of the current state. 


Thor’s Hammer S2 E7 2016 Picked apart by the Eagles…. Time to go on a Bear Hunt!

October 27, 2016

Well it wasn't much fun dissecting the Eagles game, but we brought Mr. Positivity himself on board to take a look at the Bears. PapaScott joins the show this week!


Thor’s Hammer Out Of The Bye Week

October 20, 2016

Special Guest Geoff Nichols (NFL_DraftGuru) joins Thor's Hammer to preview the upcoming game, discuss the state of the team, upset special predictions..... But Wait! There's MORE! Listen now to find out what went down on this episode of THOR'S HAMMER!


Horns Up!! - S2 E6 - We Messed With the Bull

October 14, 2016

…and gave THEM the horns. Week 5 in the NFL is in the books and the Vikings head into their bye-week undefeated! Join us for another episode of Horns Up!! As we break down the game vs. the Texans as well as review what has gotten this team to 5-0 despite difficulties that would crush other, lesser teams!